Monday, February 10, 2014

Hanna, WY

It was a fun first few days here in Hanna. I met a good number of members and for the most part they are jolly and nice. People live in very humble conditions here. It's frustrating when you see someone living such a sad life and you have the gospel to offer them and they aren't interested. It's like, well what could you lose? Everything to gain but nothing to lose. I just have to be patient and keep working hard.
So the pictures I sent, the one with Ramen noodles has a story. A tractor trailer got BLOWN OVER while driving on the highway and they were going to bury all the ramen he was hauling but the townspeople heard so everyone went and got tons of ramen. The ramen in the picture is about 1/5 of what we originally had. We gave it to the other districts and to our zone leaders. I don't eat that junk so don't worry :P The lasagna picture has a story also.

We visited a member who said his neighbor needed her driveway shoveled. So we went over there and shoveled and had to use an ice pic to break the ice. She came out and was very grateful, so she gave us a lasagna she originally had made for her husband. The problem is, her husband died 4 months ago and it had been frozen since then. We took it home and baked it for 2 hours and it didn't turn out very well. I think the mule deer will enjoy it though. I hope we can meet with her again and share the plan of salvation with her. She might enjoy that. Anyways, I'm doing great! Love you and talk to you later,

Elder Sell


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  1. Love the blog posting Elder Sell. Where do you go to Church? Rawlins? We went to Casper when I was a teenager in Alcova a half century. Ago.....almost. keep up the good work!