Monday, February 10, 2014

The Missionary Training Center

Hey family!

Yes I made it to the MTC and have survived the first couple days. We have been learning a ton and it feels exactly like drinking a fire hydrant through a straw. I just take it one step at a time and pray a lot. I have 6 Elders in my district including me. We are already great friends and we have district unity. I was made District Leader last night so that will be cool. I get to serve them and make sure they are all doing well. My companion is Elder Pope. He is from California. He is really excited to serve and share his testimony. Sometimes too excited :P we had this group companionship (like 50 people) trying to teach one acting investigator the first night and he probably talked 25% of the time haha. He is cool though and makes me want to do better. We have been feeling the spirit testify of the truths of this Gospel. It's great. Another Elder in my district, Elder Campbell, is a recent convert. He told us that he realized he had to serve a mission even BEFORE he was a member of the church. He texted the local missionaries and got the ball rolling right away. Schedules are packed here for sure. Always going somewhere or sitting in class for honestly 9 or so hours a day. I like the food though. There is anything and everything you could ever want. This was supposed to be a short e-mail even though it is our p-day. We get to go to the temple in an hour so that'll be fun but there is no time to do laundry, which I haven't much of. Just wanted to let you know I'm doing well and there is no need to worry about me. Love you!


Elder Sell

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