Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 4!

Last p-day we went to Rawlins and just hung out in their gym for a couple hours. We played some chair soccer then the rest of the Elders went to sit and rest so I set up some chairs in the middle of the gym and just went back and forth from hoop to hoop crossing up the chairs and doing moves. I had to get some energy out because I'm not used to being so sedentary (as in not working out, because we are always moving just not in an athletic way).

That day, I read in the book of Mosiah (in the Book of Mormon) how Abinadi, the prophet at the time, was preaching to the wicked king Noah and his unrighteous judges. They were all wicked and condemned Abinadi to death if he did not deny his prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. He did not deny it and was put to death by fire because of it. He might have thought he failed as a missionary, but he converted only one judge, Alma. Alma went on to convert thousands of people to Christ's Church. So really Abinadi was a successful missionary but he never knew it. I learned that everything I do as a missionary counts. Whether it's how I handle myself in public or how polite I am to someone when we knock on their door. I may not see the fruits of my labor immediately (or ever) but I know that if I do all I can to represent Jesus Christ the way I should, I will be a tool in God's hands to help others come unto Christ.

We helped a family move on Tuesday. He is a Wyoming highway patrolman (served a mission in Brazil) and she is not a member but she is cool too. Luckily, unlike the other people we moved, they had all their stuff in boxes already so they just needed the man-power (which was in ample supply haha :D )

The Zone Leaders came over on Wednesday. We visited an investigator and he was home sick from work and he didn't look very good. We talked on his porch for an hour about the most random things. It was funny because he would take the conversation to hunting then we would relate hunting to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, he would go off on a tangent and we kept relating that back to the Gospel and inviting him to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, and ask God if these things are true or not. He says he is too busy, but that is a lame excuse when you live in a town with 841 people... hahaha! We also visited another man, who we have been trying to meet with for months. He came onto his doorstep and told us he didn't have any time to meet yet he closed the door behind him and started to talk. He has been reading  the Book of Mormon and he has questions about it. He says he has been highlighting verses too. So I asked him, "So what do you think about the Book? What do you feel?" and his reply is, "Ya know what? I need to come to Church." Fireworks go off in my head because I'm thinking "yes!!! he finally realizes he needs to come to church and I know he will feel the love of God at church and everything going to work out great and he is going to get baptized and make that commitment with God and his life will improve!!!!!" Then we ask him, "Will you go to church with us on Sunday?" his reply "On no, I cant do that. It's too soon." ****SOUND EFFECT WHEN AIRPLANE CRASHES INTO GROUND**** NOOO!!!!!! hahaha, it was so frustrating and Elder Wilson was like, "You need to come to church" and he says, "Be patient" Man, when you know something is so good for someone, like church, you desire for them to partake of it! I know that as I have read the Book of Mormon and felt the power and divinity of the book that I want to share it with others. I am here because I want to share that love I feel from God. I want to share the spirit I feel while I'm at church and doing what is right. It is hard when people are just too lazy to do things that while immensely bless their life! I think that laziness is something that Satan loves. If the adversary can get you to not do something, even if you know it is true or good for you, he has won. Be proactive. Be "anxiously engaged" in a good cause.

We also had en changes on Thursday. That is when your regular companion gets swapped out for a day with another guy so you can learn from different people and gain more relationships. So Elder Ramirez came to Hanna with me. We went off roading with the truck because there are all these alleyways in the town. We put the 4 wheel drive on and went through the mud haha! Of course we were going somewhere to be productive, it's just we took a fun detour.

 Anyways, things are good here. At times I will catch myself just being happy for no reason. That's the weird (but amazing) part of living what Christ taught. I feel blessed even though i cant specifically name blessings. I feel happy even though I can't name a specific event. That's what doing what is right does for ya. That's what daily pray, multiple times a day, does for ya. That's what reading the Book of Mormon does for ya. I challenge anyone who reads this to READ the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and contrite spirit then ask God, the Eternal Father, if it is true or not. I promise that it is true. It was written by servants and prophets of God. It was written by people in the American continents that truly saw Jesus Christ, resurrected and glorified. I know these things to be true more than I know 2+2 to equal 4. I know math with my brain, but I know that Jesus Christ lives with all my heart and soul.


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