Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Being a missionary definitely is rewarding"

It's already the last week in March? Time flies when you're having fun. Last p-day we went to Laramie and played basketball at the Stake Center. We had dinner at President Dory's house (Stake President) and went to work with some of the local Elders since we live 90 miles away. The apartment we slept in was terrible. I got the floor which was a layer of cold concrete with a thin rough carpet on it. It was so cold and I could not get comfortable any way I slept. I finally grabbed the small beanie bag that was in there and contorted my body so I wasn't touching the ground and I finally got to sleep. Worst night of my mission by far. The next day was our zone meeting. The local institute teacher, Brother Reynolds, spoke to us about how important scripture study is. He used the example in Matthew when Jesus is being tempted by the devil and uses scriptures to shut him up. Jesus knew the scriptures and could recall a verse or passage that would help him resist temptation at any time. That really made an impression on me that I have to more diligently study my scriptures daily. After the meeting, we went to Pizza Hut where the manager hooks missionaries up with a $2 lunch buffet deal with a drink. Being a missionary definitely is rewarding in more than one way!

Later that day, we knocked on a single door before our dinner appointment and a lady answered it. She agreed for us to come back and share our message with her and her family and we left her with a Book of Mormon. Hopefully that'll work out because we are seeing her tonight. There was a little puddle of maple syrup on the ground and her dog stepped in it then jumped on my leg so I had maple syrup all over my pants. Hopefully it was worth it! 
Thursday was a pretty slow day. People aren't home during the day. We decided to take a drive out towards the "country" (as if a town of 800 people 40 miles from a grocery store wasn't country enough) and find some ranchers that needed the Gospel. We drove to 3 ranches but none of them were home. Bummer. I had to get out of the truck to open a gate and Elder Olsen accidentally sprayed mud all over me when I was in my nice clothes. I figured it would be worth it if we found some people who were searching for the Gospel but no one was home. They all must have been ranching it up. Oh, we also saw this guy in our ward who is brilliant. He is a mechanical engineer and he designs all sorts of stuff. He just has a really funny personality. His favorite thing to say is, "Even a retarded spider monkey knows that." I also had 3 pulled pork sandwiches that night. Don't judge me! 
It was really cool to see one of the families we teach take a leap of faith and be immediately blessed for it. As soon as they did something they had been procrastinating for years, they were blessed to have the opportunity to move into a 4 bedroom apartment this upcoming week! We will help them move and are really excited for them. We had a trainers follow up meeting on Friday so we got to go down to Fort Collins. We visited some people in Elder Olsen's old area of Wellington. We got treated to Mexican food not once, but twice while we were down there by the members he used to know. We helped a new family of 7 move in Saturday who are members of the Church, but they are inactive...for now :) Hopefully we made a good first impression and they will want to come to Church and be a part of this great ward in Hanna. 

General Conference is this weekend and I invite all to watch it! It's great!
Elder Sell

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