Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"This isn't my work; it is His"

Halfway through my second transfer in the field! Things are moving fast. Days go by slow sometimes but weeks fly by. So last Sunday, I was sitting in Sacrament meeting waiting for it to start. I looked around and didn't see two of our investigating families that said they would come to Church. I said a silent, earnest prayer that both families would be able to make it. No sooner did I open my eyes than I saw both families walk into the chapel. Yeah, they were probably in the driveway when I said the prayer, but it was just cool for me to see that Heavenly Father blesses us when we have faith. Last Monday, we went to Laramie and bowled and went to Walmart. One of our lamer p-days, but not all of them can be cool. 

Elder Blue, Elder Sell, Elder Ramirez

Elder Olsen, Elder Blue, Elder Christensen, Elder Ramirez, Elder Sell
The Union Pacific railroad runs through Hanna. We see about 10 trains a day. On Tuesday we saw a train carrying...(wait for it)... military vehicles! There were probably 30 tanks and multiple other vehicles that were on this train. It was so surreal to see because how often do you see a mile long train carrying vehicles that defend our country? We stopped by a former investigator's house to see if we could get in and he let us in. I had never met him before but he let us in anyways. Elias is from Chile and speaks very broken English. He has direct TV with all the soccer channels and he watches soccer all day(he is disabled). He is cool with us coming back over to teach him and watch some soccer. Consider it fellow shipping! But really, you got to be creative out here to open doors and be invited back. You can't be Mr. Roboto and just want to teach Gospel and not expect to make friends. These are people and I'm beginning to realize that if I plan to perpetuate the friendships and relationships I make on the mission even after I go home, then the people mean more to me. 

We tried visiting some "members" on Thursday who I had never met before. The general response we received was "I'm not interested" and they closed the door. It's hard to see people who at one time or another had a testimony and a desire to follow Christ. Now they want nothing to do with it. It's sad. 

We had a tracting contact appointment Monday night at 6, but we didn't make it to their house until 8. She told us to come back on Thursday so we got lucky. They were really receptive to our message and agreed to read the Book of Mormon. It's amazing to see people prepared by the Lord to receive His Gospel. Plus, these are the people that other people in the town were surprised they didn't shoot us at the door! Proved them wrong! I testified to this family that the Book of Mormon is true. I told them that I came on a mission because I knew it was true and that Christ's Church is restored to the Earth. It was cool because they recognized Elder Olsen and my sincerity in what we shared. We also emphasize how it is their choice to act on what we share. Read the Book of Mormon, pray to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, and come to Church. They liked how we put the ball in their court and didn't try to force anything on them. It was nice to hear that. We have another appointment with them this Thursday so let's hope things go well. 

Elder Sell and JD, an investigator

The best thing about being on a mission is that it isn't even my mission! Heavenly Father's mission is, "this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of man." (Moses 1:39)  I am a small, almost insignificant part of His work but I still can be a tool in His hands. As I keep myself worthy and ready to be led by the Spirit. He can work through me to accomplish His purposes. It's comforting to remind myself that this isn't my work; it is His :)

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