Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Great Week in Greeley!!!!

Last Tuesday we helped Bro. Gant remove a stump from his yard. We had to cut out roots and hack away at it and it took us a little under two hours to complete. When we were done it was lunch time, so he asked us where we wanted to go. My request was no Taco Bell or McDonalds, anything but those two. His reply was, "How about Buffalo Wild Wings?" Elder Miller and I looked at each other like YESSSSS!!! Funny thing about BWW. Every time I go there I tell myself to NOT get the Mango Habanero, but every time I go I get the Mango Habanero. It is hot going in and coming out so it's just painful! So we had wings for lunch and it was grrrrreat. Speaking of "grrrrrreat" we did service at this Habitat ReStore which is basically a good will or DI. People drop off their junk and we try to make it less junky looking so they can sell it overpriced. Anyways, there is this guy there named Tony and he directs our work. So we started singing the Frosted Flakes theme song around him. Us four missionaries laugh so hard when he talks because he has the funniest ghetto accent. He then asks each one of us for a lighter and none of us have one obviously. Funny things happen in Greeley.
We had a legit lesson with a Less Active family about the temple. They want to be sealed with their family for time and eternity but at this moment aren't ready. The cool thing is, is that they want to get worthy. The wife is trying to quit smoking(using vapor nicotine) and she said she felt like she wanted to throw up when she puffed once on a cig after doing the vapor for a month. That's music to a missionaries ears. After that lesson, it was 8:30 and night and dark out with the exception being a lightning storm 10 or so miles away. It was beautiful to watch from a distance. We had to bike home 5 miles that night so my legs are getting jacked.
One of the mornings I went on a bike ride with Elder Penaranda and we went and saw this mural of Albert Einstein and took pictures in front of it. Cool stuff. Later in the day, we went tracting and ran into this guy named Doogie. We just casually talked and I asked him what church he went to and he is Catholic. After we left, Elder Miller said the only thought running through his head the entire we were talking to Doogie was that he wanted to ask him, "Teach me how to Doogie" which would have been hilarious. For those of you who don't know, there is a pop song called Teach me How to Dougie so it was just funny to us missionaries. We got soaked one of those days last week. We visited some old folks at the assisted living home and biked home 4 miles in the pouring rain. I was drenched, so all I could do was smile and wave to all the looks I got. People must think my comp and I are crazy to bike and get soaked in the rain, but we know we have a purpose and a message that is true. My hope as I biked was that someone would see me smiling and having a good time in the 50 degree rain. Maybe they would ask them self, "Why is he smiling? Is he not wet and cold? Why is he so happy? I want to know what he knows" Maybe someone will want to know more because they saw some kid in a white shirt and tie drenched from head to toe smiling in the rain. Who knows?!?!
On Saturday we helped the food bank distribute food to poor people. Elder Miller and I were in charge of loading apples into bags and handing them out. Usually we put 12-14 apples per bag but every now and then we did a shaft bag (6-7) and a PRIZE bag (30-40) full to bursting bag. The look on the peoples faces when they picked those prize bags was priceless :D That night a family took us to the BEST barbecue I've ever had. We got the family feast for $65 and it was worth every penny (of theirs). It was so good. Another good thing about being a missionary is people feed you great food every night, well at least where I have served.
It was a really rewarding week. Hopefully this next will be even better.
Elder Sell
P.S. My hair is getting really long. Probably time for a hair cut but some 9 year old girls did say they liked my hair as we biked last week sooooo who knows!

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