Thursday, May 8, 2014

First Transfer!

Transfers happened and I went to the Peak View Ward in Greeley Colorado. We live 1.5 miles outside of our area/zone and we are on bikes. Our area is huge so it takes us forever to bike anywhere. So far the members here have been nice. Apparently Elder Miller and I are a lot more normal than the last missionaries here haha. Our dinner calendar got filled up pretty quick on Sunday which is great. We have one legit investigator here than we will meet with tonight. She has a baptismal date for next month and seems cool so far. That's about as far as our teaching pool goes. I went from 10+ investigators in Hanna to 1 here in Greeley. But, I'm here to help change that and get it rolling here! So some interesting stuff happened this past week. Our first night we were walking in the dark on this side street and this car pulled up to the stop sign and turned its lights off. I knew something was up, then I started hearing CO2 shots I got behind a parked car. I never heard any paintballs land so I guess they were just firing dry shots. That's definitely not as sketchy as other missions in the world. I also saw a drug deal in broad daylight outside our apartment complex. We live in the part of town where when you tell people they get that look on their face. My legs are getting stronger and my butt is adjusting to my bike seat so that's all good. Walmart is 2 miles away instead of 80 miles so that's an improvement. Some new rules came out this week from our mission president. As of today, p-days are limited to just you and your companion. P-day is "preparation day" AKA fun day where we used to get together with our missionary buddies and play basketball but now I get to spend it alone with my companion. As if 24/7 wasn't enough... woohoo... I guess it's been hard adjusting to this area so far. The living situation combined with the biking/large area situation with the lack of work situation is all different from my last area. I'll have to get used to it. None the less, the work will go forward nobly, boldly and independent. It's still good being a missionary!

Here are some people that Elder Sell has enjoyed meeting while in Hanna, WY!

The Christie family

Elder Sell and the Young family

The Cooper family with Elder Sell

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