Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Week in Hanna

It was a good week! My last week in Hanna :( I am getting transferred to Greeley Colorado. It was a good run here. So many amazing people to teach and the members are fantastic. So last Tuesday we helped a German lady named Rita move clothes at a local thrift shop. There was a young man from Afghanistan named Ansah. The lady at the Catholic thrift shop is June, who happens to be Baptist. We all worked together to get these clothes ready to be shipped to Afghanistan. Afterwards, Rita wanted to take us all out to eat. The only place to eat in this whole town is Dingy Dan's bar so we went there. Now get this, two Mormons, a Muslim, a baptist, and a German walk into a bar. Sounds like a joke huh? We had a great time eating and Rita is a blast. I felt like I knew her from somewhere but obviously I had never seen her before. She told us why she does the philanthropy she does. It was a very personal thing she told me and I felt so much love for her. It was pretty surreal because I only knew her for an hour or two yet I felt so much love for this lady. It was amazing.
Elder Ramirez and Elder Sell
 Elder Blue, Elder Olsen, Elder Ramirez, Elder Christensen, Elder Sell, Elder Hallam 
Elder Blue, Elder Ramirez, Elder Olsen, Elder Christensen, and Elder Sell

We were knocking on doors and we saw this old dude in his window motioning for us to come to his house. Alrighty then! He opens the door and says, "Come in. Let me lead you to salvation." You know it's going to be fun when someone tells you that. He wanted to argue about random little things about the Gospel and we are just calmly answering his questions and his demeanor completely changes. He goes from critical and attacking to pleasant and friendly. It was weird. Then he tells me, "You should go into a career in television. Not to be weird, but you are very handsome. You could make some money." Weird!! By the end of our visit he was offering us food and water and inviting us back. It's funny what happens when you answer people's questions with love and invite the Spirit to testify to them that you are a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was sweeeet.

I'll miss the people here but I believe Hanna is a better place now than when I found it. Thanks for everyone's support and prayers. Keep on emailing me and mailing me. I REALLY appreciate it :)

Love you all,
Elder Sell

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