Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Fun Week!

Some pretty cool things happened this week and I'd like to share them. Someone in our ward knew a nonmember friend who had been very sick lately. She invited us over as well as her friend so we could give her a Priesthood Blessing. Just as Jesus Christ did while He walked the Earth, Priesthood holders can give blessings of healing and comfort too. She and her mom asked me to give the blessing and I'm like alright then. While giving the blessing, the inspiration came to my mind to instruct her to follow the Word of Wisdom, a modern day revelation given to Joseph Smith on how we should treat our bodies. I did so, not knowing how she would respond to it considering she doesn't necessarily believe in our Church or faith. After the blessing, we explained the Word of Wisdom to her (no tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, or drugs. Do eat grains and exercise frequently) It's a health code! She realized she had been doing some of those things (or not doing some of those things like exercising and eating healthy) and she agreed to start living the Word of Wisdom. She specifically mentioned how she started recently drinking coffee again and that her sicknesses started about that time. It was pretty amazing being able to have the Spirit give to me what I needed to say in the very moment. Cool stuff!!! :)
We did a lot of service this week so let me tell you about some of the fun stuff we get to do:
-Habitat ReStore- We help unload donated furniture and other items, then we clean it, price it, and move it out onto the floor. It's fun doing service there because everyone else is there doing court ordered service hours. So basically we get to hang out with semi-thugs. The employees there are a riot too. They cuss like sailors and often ask us for a light (for their cigarattes). We go there a few times a week and they really appreciate it.
-GRC- This is a food bank on wheels. We help give 200-300 families food that will last them a week or two. Fruits, vegetables, almost expired dairy products, you name it, we give it out. This past week my job was to give 2-3 melons to each family that came through the line. Elder Blue also worked with me and we had fun with it. We realized we had to many melons for how many people were left in line so we started putting melons in their basket until they told us, "No mas!" We would count, "One! Two! Three! Four!...etc" until they told us to stop :D It was a blast and the people loved it. No one there speaks English so I got to use some of my high school Spanish. "Quires dos o tres?" and when they would say thank you or gracias I would say "de nada". All of them would giggle when I'd say de nada so I asked one of the Spanish Sisters why and she said it was because I am white! Once or twice I used Spanish when trying to communicate with some Asian people and they looked at me funny. Oh how fun it is!
-Food Bank- We stood outside of a King Soopers (grocery store) handing out fliers of things the food bank needed. We did this in our white shirts and ties so some people were intimidated when we tried handing them something hahahahaah! Basically the list was peanut butter, cereal, and other non-perishables. Some people were gracious and kind while others ignored us even when I told them it would help feed a starving child. Anyways, some people stink and others are great. This guy came up to me and started bashing on our Church. In the meantime, people are moving by me on my left and right and they need to hear about the food bank and get a flier. So I tell the dude, "Excuse me for one second" and I give the fliers out real quick, "you were saying?" He kept bashing until I just ignored him and did my job I was there to do. The Executive Director of the Food Bank came up to me later and told me how impressed he was with how I dealt with the ornery man. It's just a day in the life of a missionary of Jesus Christ.
Happy Father's Day! My Dad is my role model. I bet the rest of my family is thinking say what?!?! but he really has taught me a lot. We all have our flaws, but it is how we go about fixing and improving those flaws that defines us. My Dad has taught me how to love everyone and not judge, how to manage money, how to think about things before I say something, and how to throw a baseball. Thanks Dad! I didn't get to Skype you like I did on Mother's Day but you mean the world to me! When I think about how much you love me and what you would do for me, it makes me almost cry sometimes. If my Dad loves me that much, think about how much our Heavenly Father loves ALL of us. We can't comprehend the love He has for us. He isn't some tyrannical, unforgiving, blob of space somewhere in the universe. He is literally the Father of our spirits and He has a body of flesh and bone. He is real! He loves us and that's something we all need to understand. He gave us His only begotten Son in the flesh and the spirit, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins and pay the price so we can return to Him. This makes me so grateful to have not only a loving earthly father but also a perfect, all knowing Father in Heaven. My prayers have become more meaningful as I have thought about my relationship with Him. I also have taken the time to pause during my prayers and let Him speak back to me because I realized how many people like it when we talk for a couple minutes straight and don't listen to what they have to say? No one! And neither does our Heavenly Father. Let Him reply and He will! Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you. The promise is there. God doesn't break His promises so why don't we all give it a try? He is truly there and He loves us. I can testify of this truth and do so in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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