Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keep a journal! It's worth it!

I had a nice, patriotic week! We "found" a new investigator who wants to be baptized. Maya is ten and is in a part member family. She goes to church with her uncle so we will start teaching her but really focus on the whole family. 

For the 4th of July, Independence Day, we helped out with the big parade downtown. We were there at 6:45 AM to set up road blocks so cars wouldn't run over the 5K racers. That's not a good mix... telling people they have to drive 2 miles out of their way to get to where they want to go PLUS being a missionary EQUALS angry people!!! It is really funny to watch how mad people get about simple things that are out of any of our control. People these days! I got so burnt while watching the parade.

We ate a super great dinner with the Luke family along with two other families from the ward. We played a card game and left to watch fire works at another member's home. It was a good 4th. 

Yesterday at Church, we had the blessing and opportunity to teach the senior primary kids (ages 8-11) about the restoration of Christ's Church. We used blocks of wood to illustrate the building blocks of Christ's Church, including: prophets, apostles, true doctrine and principles, organization, Priesthood authority, and correct covenants and ordinances. We taught about the Great Apostasy and how through the Prophet Joseph Smith Christ's original Church was restored to the Earth. Those kids were so excited to answer all the questions and it was awesome :D

I finished my first journal on the mission. I think it was 200 pages and I wrote in it every day. It's definitively been a blessing to record my spiritual moments, funny experiences, hardships, and elation. I can tell you what I did on each day of my mission. I wish I wrote before my mission because it's a great way to unwind and to count my blessings. I encourage everyone to keep a journal. It's worth it!!!
-Elder Sell

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