Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Favorite teacher ever"

We met with a ton of people this week. Tracking down less actives and matching names with faces. We met this 93 year old lady who was hitting on my companion and I let it happen. That's being a greenie for ya! It was one of our most successful weeks since I have been in Greeley.
On Saturday, we attended the food bank's volunteer party. We showed up in our white shirts and ties and ate some food. They recognized all the work we do for them and they were really appreciative. They gave us some "beet hunger" t shirts and a free day pass to the family fun complex. We went mini golfing, beat up on some 12 year olds in basketball, then lifted weights. #teamswole
We taught the 7-8 year old primary class yesterday and they claimed I was their "favorite teacher ever". I let them throw paper airplanes and paper balls at the end. It was a good class and I didn't even bring treats.
I've been going through some hard times lately with all the rules and expectations. I'm still trying to figure things out. I'm constantly trying to find the delicate balance between all the demands and expectations of missionary life/work. I'll figure it out.
The Church is true. That much I still know!

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