Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Sweet Experience

Started from the bottom now we are here! This area is doing great, finally! Maybe not great, but a whole lot better than before. It has been fun watching (well, working) it go from where it was to where it currently is going.

On Wednesday, we taught one of the best lessons I've yet to have on my mission. We taught Maddy (guy in mid 20s) in a member's home and it was amazing. His dad is a Mormon and his mom is a Jew. They raised him to be a good person and didn't force religion on him. So now, he is deciding for himself where he wants to go. We taught him about the Restoration of Christ's Church to the Earth and he really loved it. He thought that the Atonement of Christ (Christ's suffering so we don't have to) was something he really could use more of in his life. After I described Joseph Smith's First Vision to him, I meant to ask the question, "Do you think that was possible?" but it came out as, "Do you believe Joseph Smith truly saw God and Jesus Christ?" His answer with a nod of the head and a tear in his eye was, "Yes." That was awesome.

We also taught Becky who is in her mid 20s as well. We shared with her the Plan of Salvation which basically answers where we came from, why we are here, and where are we going. She loved how families can be together forever. We challenged her to be baptized on October 11th and she agreed with the stipulation being that she learns more and understands more. After she said that we were like yeah of course we want to teach you more and you need to read and pray more too! She even came to Church yesterday so that was great too. She's making progress!

We had some down time Saturday so an idea popped into my head! Let's go make a baptismal program for someone who needs to be baptized, like Bro. Fuglevand! We made a baptismal program dated for October 11th and brought it over to his house and gave it to him. He looked at it for 5 minutes straight and he really wants to get there. He just can't believe Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Hopefully he gets more sincere with his prayers so he can get his answer and be baptized on October 11th. He put the program on his refrigerator so he sees it every day :)

Last night I witnessed a miracle of sorts. We got a call from Bishop at 7:30 and he said there was a man in the burn unit at the hospital who needed a blessing. We had to wash our hands, put on latex gloves, masks, and full body suits to enter the burn unit. We looked like real doctors. When we walked into the room, the first thing Troy said to us was, "Hey guys, what's up?" Here he is sitting in a chair, face partially melted, 3rd degree burns all over, fingers melted off, wrapped up head to toe and he greets us like that. We sit down and ask how he is doing and just have a casual conversation with him. His outlook and attitude were amazing. He got hit with a flashpoint or something like that on the oil rig. A 300 foot flame spit back at him and he got toasted. Despite all that, he was super positive saying it could've been much worse. We gave him a blessing by the hovering on of hands because we couldn't touch his skin of course. It was a sweet experience letting him know that Heavenly Father is very aware of his situation. Such a blessing.

Elder Sell

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