Saturday, September 20, 2014

"You succeed when you invite, regardless of the outcome."

"You succeed when you invite, regardless of the outcome." - Elder Quentin L. Cook

That's been my motto lately. This week people cancelled on us left and right. We were rejected! But it doesn't matter because I still succeeded. Sometimes I feel like a failure because no one wants to listen to me, reply to our calls/texts, open their door, or do anything. I'm called to invite others to come unto Christ so if they slam the door in my face or are baptized, it's the same because I extended the invitation. Of course I would like for them to accept our message or invitation but they have agency. I have definitely learned lessons on agency while I have been on my mission. 

It was a busy week and I could talk about all the people we visited and taught but I'm not going to. I have my own missionary experiences and I want to hear about yours! We can all have them if we just invite. 

We did visit the Fort Collins Temple site before our trainers' meeting the other day. It won't be done until early 2016, so I won't see it done!  Also, everyone who I was in the MTC with is now training. That's cool.

Shout out to BYU for smacking Texas last week and brushing off Houston this week. I still bleed TRUE BLUE! It is God's chosen University so I can talk about it :)

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