Thursday, October 23, 2014

" The Church is true"

This week was hard at the beginning. We got to the new area and are opening the second set in this ward. We didn't have a place to stay and we didn't get food that first night. It was rough! Ever since then we've been working it hard each day. Elder Blackburn is legit. He is from a small town in Utah (Loa) and likes all the same stuff I do. We get along well and tear it up on bike. My legs were sore the first few days but I'm doing better now.

We share a ward with two Elders, Klabacka and Day. Day goes home next month and Klabacka goes home in December. That's 43 months of experience compared to the 11 Blackburn and I have. That's okay because we are going to get work done here. 

We had dinners the rest of the week becasue the ward is pretty legit so far. They are stepping up their game as we step up ours. We are just familiarizing ourselves to the area and the people. 

Yesterday, we saw Peyton Manning's 509 TD as we sat and talked with a member family. That was a tender mercy of the Lord! We also talked to these guys who had 3 Porches, 2 Audis, a Lamborghini  and Aston Martin between themselves. They were loaded. 

It's been fun just biking around and visiting members. Sorry this email is so rushed and contains almost no vital information but that's what I have time for today. The Church is true. That's how our voicemail message ends haha. Here are some pictures of my friends and me at transfers. Love you all,

Elder Sell

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