Monday, October 13, 2014

You can't go wrong with being too thankful!

I'm out of here! It's mostly bittersweet but I know it's for a good purpose. I was here for six whole months! I am leaving the Peak View ward in Greeley and heading to the Prairie Ridge ward in Fort Collins. I'll be on bike and be with an Elder who has been out 3 months (he just got done being trained). I heard he is a good guy so it should be fun!

This week was great. I anticipated leaving so we tried to visit most of the families I really liked. The work is really going well here so it stinks leaving but I know it'll be in good hands. 

We helped a family move on Saturday and it was the most intense move of my life. We unloaded a full length Uhaul in under 20 minutes. We did it assembly line style. Elder Parker would throw boxes at me and I would turn around and hand them off to the next person in line. We were all dripping sweat by the time we were done. I've done a lot of moves on my mission and that one takes the cake. 

We visited the Mellman family on Sunday and had a going away breakfast for dinner for me. That's an awesome family. We also were invited to the Heaston's Family Night and learned a lesson and ate cinnamon rolls with them. There are so many other great families in this ward that I love!

One of those families is the Fuglevand clan. He is our 37 year investigator and I love him even though he frustrates me. We had a great discussion last night during my 25th visit with him (yeah, I counted). At the end, I asked him to bear his testimony and he did. It was then Sis. Fuglevand's turn to bear her testimony and it was the most powerful moment on my mission. It took her some time to muster the strength but when she did, oh boy. It was amazing. I am so blessed to have met and worked with them. 

I am grateful to have served in this ward. I saw a lot of ups and a bunch of downs, but in the end I still feel great about the work I had a small part in here. I bore my testimony in Church Sunday and it felt so crazy knowing that I might not see the majority of these people again (in this lifetime). People thanked me for the work I did here but I couldn't think of anything to say other than thank them back. When a relationship is based on gratitude for each other, it will work. Whether that is ward/missionary or husband/wife, you can't go wrong with being too thankful. My heart is full of thanks to these people and to Heavenly Father.

-E. Sell

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