Monday, November 3, 2014

"A really rewarding week"

It was  a really rewarding week...especially because it's my birthday tomorrow! I've received a few care packages and letters and am grateful to those who thought of me! Blackburn and I are putting in work here and seeing some fruit already. It might not be new investigators at this point but it is ward trust. That can make it or break it. This ward hasn't been the most supportive of missionaries in the past because of dumb things missionaries have done. We're here to change the culture. 

We had some fun encounters this week and biked a whole lot. On Thursday, we biked 30 miles. We were picked up by the ZLs and taken to interviews with President  That went well. I wish they were more personal and I actually got to know my mission president, but hey you can't always get what you want. I left my suit coat at the church because we had to bike 8 miles home. We helped our members out with some yard work before contacting people all over town. At one point during the day we got real hungry so we biked 2 miles to BK and ate some chicken nuggets. Miles add up and we were at 26. We ended our night by just biking around to reach 30. I put on jeans the other day and they felt snug. My legs are getting #swole.

The next day was the ONLY day Blackburn and I accidentally (the alarm goes off, you think 5 more minutes and then it is 8:00) slept in this week. Go figure, the APs give us a call and say they will be at our house in 20 minutes. Blackburn and I were showered, changed, and fresh in 15 minutes. They had meetings all day so we got to have Elder Blue (one of my great friends) in a threesome all day with the APs car! Earlier in the week, the other set of elders leaving our ward gave us their phone so now we both have phones. It was so nice to have a car, if only for 6 hours. We made great use of it and put 60 miles on it like that! We used our free Cafe Rio cards to get a meal there and then went on over to Cold Stone to grab some ice cream. It was a fun Halloween day. 

Those in vehicles have to report their monthly miles at the end of the month as well as send in their gas receipts. I sent this text to the vehicle coordinator hoping to get reimbursed for the extra consumption of food. 

It was just a great week. The members are trusting us more and we met some legit families. Be a legit family because it's those types of families that are a safe haven for missionaries. Can't really say too much else other than that it is snowing for the first time today. 

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday. 
-Elder Sell

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