Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Man, we were off the grid!"

Last Monday, Blackburn and I started our healthy life by lifting at a member's home in the morning. We benched for about an hour and worked up a good sweat . I was sore for the next 4 days and didn't do anything related to working out. So much for that! For p-day, we went with some other missionaries to a bounce house (trampolines everywhere and you just act like a 5 year old!). We worked up a good sweat and did some crazy stuff. There was a basketball hoop under one of the trampolines so we would have someone come in and you would try to block him at the rim. Good stuff. Later that day, we went to TJ Max and I got a new pair of pants. They are IZOD golf pants and are lightweight but look great. I'm wearing them even now. We took Danny (prepping for his mission) out with us on Monday to all of our member appointments. We had him take us to Walmart before we went home because we have no way of carrying groceries home! 

The next day was very cold and the first day it snowed. We shoveled the Church and had to walk in the cold for 45 minutes. We sat at a gas station for half an hour just to regain feeling in our extremities. We helped a member's friend's family move and they are now potential investigators. Hopefully more will come of it, but if not, I am still satisfied with helping out one of my fellow men. That night, we wanted to mess with one of my friends, E.Torres, so we gave him Blackburn's number with him thinking it was someone else. I'm not going to write details but let's just say that Blackburn and I were laughing until our abs were sore. 

We had a great taco dinner with a family who just got back from living in Hawaii for 5 years. He served his mission in Mexico so they were legit. That was a fun dinner and they even drove us home! Good thing they did because it was -8 outside. Bur, bur!

We had a mission tour with Elder David S. Baxter of the Seventy and it was AWESOME! Everyone who spoke was definitely inspired. One of the highlights for me was when Elder Baxter bore his testimony to an Elder as if he was the missionary who converted him at 13. That was really deep and ended in a Scottish peck on the cheek. 

I texted our Mission President one night about getting permission to do service outside of our area. After I explained the who/what/where/why/how I got a response, "Who is this?" Man, we were off the grid! The M.P. didn't even have our phone number! :O So what did I respond? "This is Elder Blackburn and Elder Sell, representatives of Jesus Christ :)" #true I like being funny with him because I'm sure he always gets formal responses, requests, and letters from everyone else he talks with. You got to throw humor into this work. If you don't, you will most likely get depressed. Some missionaries try to be 100% business and that's not how it works. We got a text from Pres. Brown at 4:11 AM the next morning (after he basically said no to us doing the service) asking what our zone leaders thought about it. They said they thought it was a good thing so he let us do it. It definitely was a great experience to help this small medical clinic move their HEAVY equipment out of the rooms so they could install carpet. They fed us Pizza Hut the first night and sent us home with 3 extra pies. The next day, we ate Subway and they sent us home with 4 extra subs. It took 4 missionaries about 6 hours to do it. They were so grateful. Although we aren't going to teach them the lessons any time soon, I do feel accomplished by helping out one of God's children. Early that same day, we shoveled for 4 of our neighbors where we live. I love doing things for others because the Spirit will let you know God is happy with what you are doing. 

We had a cool experience last week with teaching a less active the law of tithing. He then went on to call us later in the day to ask to whom to make the check out to. We heard this week that two days after he paid his tithing, he was offered a job at Cafe Rio. IMMEDIATE BLESSINGS! So cool to see that. 

We visited a family that the previous missionaries had taught and they let us in right away. Turns out they are the most legit people and she isn't baptized yet but wants to be taught. It was a nice end to a long (but fulfilling) week. I love being a missionary and my companion is awesome. The area has potential and all I need now is a car. But if not, we will still do work. 

Elder Sell

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