Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Step it up to another level"

Last p-day we had nothing to do after we finished emailing. We ended up just biking all over Fort Collins and took a nap under some trees at a park. In all, we did 16 miles on our bikes that day and 66 total from Mon-Fri. We took Saturday and Sunday off and just called members for all our rides. 

We met with some really cool families this week and started building relationships with them. I'm pretty sure E. Blackburn and I ate more than ever this week because biking takes a lot out of you. 

We had an eventful district meeting this week. The other elders in our ward, Klabacka and Day, showed up late and literally rolled in to the meeting (seriously, on their bikes!) For the safety training, Klabacka had Day lay down on the ground while he put his helmet on. He then got on his bike and tried to wheelie over Day but ended up falling and landing on him. He stood up and said, "amen". It was hilarious, but I'm not sure what the purpose was. 

While I was on exchanges, we helped this 25ish year old guy dig a hole for his sewage system. It was 4 ft deep, 3 ft wide, and 30 ft long. What would have cost him $100 took over 15 man hours in that day alone and we only finished 15 or so feet.

Saturday was a great day. We got a ride from our EQ President to go play football with some active, less actives, and non members from our ward and the surrounding wards. That was a great stress reliever. I scored twice and had two picks. After we were done with that, we went back to his house and helped bag his leaves. That took another two hours and we were rewarded with a big, fat, sweet pork burrito. I'll do service for anyone, but it's always nice to have some food to eat at the end. Our ward chili cook-off/trunk or treat was pretty awesome that evening. E. Blackburn and I spent a solid 3 hours inviting people to come on the streets and by knocking on their doors. We were afraid this one crazy cat lady was going to come with a poisoned bowl of chili and poison all the Mormons! It didn't happen though. We did have a non-member family come that we had previously met. They're from Louisiana and are great. Hopefully we can teach them soon. 

Sunday, yesterday, was even better. Our pre-Church meetings were the most effective meetings I've been to on the mission. Our Bishop is training to be a superintendent of a school district so boy oh boy can he run a meeting. It was laser focused and we figured some things out. Our new ward mission leader is 70 something years old. Don't let the age fool you, this dude is a fireball. I made the mistake of saying, "I'll try" to do something and he immediately corrected me, "You will get that done." He is great. We also met the ward's newest convert as of this April and he is fantastic. Sacrament was great and Bishop gave us a shout out and E. Blackburn and I were like game on. We need to step it up to another level. We had dinner with a family and after we were done teaching them he said, "I really feel directed to refer you guys to my friend and his family. I've wanted to in the past but the missionaries didn't seem ready. Now is the time." We were blown away. So many good things are happening and we just want to be obedient and hard working so that we can teach powerfully. This morning we hopped right out of bed because we were so excited to get the job done. It was a good week. 

Elder Sell

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