Monday, December 29, 2014

"A true Christmas miracle!"

It was a roller coaster week. I'll just give a highlight of what I did today, pday.

Cam and his step-daughter, Gen, picked us up (along with a 16 year old in our ward, Ben) at 8:30. We hiked Horsetooth Rock, a popular one to do in Fort Collins. In total it was 5 miles and the peak was at 7,255 feet. It took us 3 hours and was a blast. We got some pictures and afterwards were en hungered. We went to a pizza place downtown and lo and behold, guess what was on the TV? BYU FOOTBALL! They were playing their bowl game against Memphis and I had no clue. Guess what shirt I happened to be wearing? A BYU FOOTBALL T-SHIRT! I think God wanted me to watch that game, despite the fact they lost. I even wrote my mission president and told him my miracle for the week was just what I reported. A true Christmas miracle! I think that was the coolest thing. 

As for the rest of my email, Merry Christmas. Spend it with those you love and remember not only Christ's birth, but ALL He did for us. That's why He is so important anyways! 

Elder McBride got his full time call to the COLORADO FORT COLLINS MISSION! He goes home on Jan. 6, reports to the MTC Feb. 4, and will be back in this mission Feb. 17. Pretty cool stuff!


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