Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Year Mark!

Thursday will be my 31,536,000 seconds mark AKA my year mark. Crazy!!!

I'm no longer sick, woo! It was a two day stomach flu that knocked me out last week but I'm back on my grind now. What did I do this past week?

We went to this inter-faith dinner on Wednesday night called the Mariners. They are a group of Christians who get together to bond and share a dinner once a month. It was the turn of one of our members to host the dinner so they invited us to be the entertainment as well as the message! Elder Clavel played the piano and we both were invited to tell the group what we did and why we were out here. I felt the spirit for sure as I told the story of how my family came into contact with the church and how that has blessed our lives. Before we left, people came up to us and thanked us for being there. We made 30 or so new friends that night.

I went on exchanges with Elder Davis in Hanna as well. If those two names sound familiar, well they should be, because I started my mission in Hanna and I trained Elder Davis. We made some good visits and I got to see some more people I had not seen in 9 months. The guy from the rec center that we would do service for, Jim, got fired from his job for some  reason. Basically, some lady lied and it got him out of his job. He is in his 70's and when he saw me at his door he couldn't help but smile. "Boy oh boy is it good to see you!" You got to love old people, seriously. We saw the Burkes, a legit family who had twin 5 month olds when I was there but now they are over a year! It was fun to play with them (but not hold them of course!). The next morning we got up at 6:00 to go ball at the rec center. My shot was off for the first bit because my body was like why the heck are you even up and moving??! It was a fun time.

We play BINGO with the people at the nursing home twice a week. We have two cards of our own and help them check their card or repeat the numbers for them. We win candy and soda. Afterwards, we teach them a short lesson on the Gospel. Last week was God's plan for us, the Plan of Salvation. After the closing prayer, this little old Hispanic catholic lady wanted to say her Hail Marys so we let her. That was interesting. 

Things are pretty good overall. I just take it day by day and things get better.


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