Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wyoming once again!

I'm in Wyoming once again. This time, Saratoga. This email will be short because I am sick with the stomach flu. I need to go home and rest.

We got to see Elder David A. Bednar on Friday. Let me testify that that man IS indeed one of the 15 prophets of the Lord on the Earth today. He was awesome. I wish I could write more but my whole body aches! 

Bro. McKenzie, my intern grandpa, took us out to lunch after the conference. What a guy!

I got to go to Hanna on exchanges and see all 6 people I had the blessed opportunity in teaching before they were baptized after I left. Now that, my friends, is a tender mercy of the Lord.

This email was so basic! These are some nice pictures though!

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