Friday, February 20, 2015

Gotta' love it!!

I'm back in Greeley! I live in the same apartment, I'm emailing at the same library, but now I'm working with different people than I did 4 months ago. I was transferred after only 6 weeks in Saratoga to come down to Greeley and be in the YSA (young single adult) ward as a Zone Leader. I'm with Elder Empey, a stud missionary with whom I came out with. I feel like I only got a taste of Saratoga before I left. Just when you are starting to build some good relationships, you move! I loved it there but I know I'll love it here as well. I believe I can love it anywhere as long as I'm serving with all my heart, might, mind and strength. 

We experienced a bunch of miracles in Saratoga this past week. We found 9 new people to teach for a total of 27 this transfer. About 12 of those are Spanish speaking so it'll be nice that both missionaries there now are Spanish speakers. 

On Thursday night, we had a dinner with the Howell family. As we sat and talked, Bro. Howell said, "My friend, Bill, keeps popping into my head and has been for quite some time." We helped him plan a way to ask his friends to listen to our message. He did, and the next day we had an appointment to go share a lesson with Bill. He is from Florida and has strong southern accent. He fed us some brauts and we talked about different aspects of our faith. He didn't have a clue what Mormons were so we asked him if he wanted to watch The Restoration video. Afterwards, he made like 20 different connections and it was awesome to see. I said something to him about us having the "fullness of the Gospel" and he really liked that. He was intrigued by everything we taught so we invited him to take the rest of the discussions, read the Book of Mormon, and come to Church the next morning. Yes, yes, and yes. He actually came the next morning to the whole 3 hour block. I'm gone now, but I'm excited for the missionaries who get to keep teaching him.

Although I am now gone from Saratoga, I feel like I fulfilled my purpose there. I worked harder than I ever have and we saw many miracles. I was able to help other missionaries through hard times and it blessed my life as well. 

Another example of why I may have been in Saratoga is the Seager family in Hanna. When I was there last winter, we would visit the Seagers once or twice a week. They needed the support as they were going through some trials in their lives and felt offended by the Church. I loved visiting with them and trying to provide some stability in their life. When I talked to Elder Sharp, my home boy, he said they hadn't visited them at all in the six weeks he had been there already. By the looks of the records, no one had visited them since I did. I went on exchanges with Elder Davis and we saw them and boy were they surprised to see me and missionaries again. Elders Davis and Sharp started visiting them 2-3 times a week. Now, the Seagers are active. Their 8 year old daughter is getting baptized and things are looking up for their family. Maybe that could be why I came back, who knows?

Things are great and looking up. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me, but more importantly those who I will meet! Gotta' love it!!

-E. Sell
Beautiful Wyoming

The Knotwell family. The right most 3 kids are all getting baptized on March 22nd

Eating some KFC with the District

Me, Elder Marble (went home Tuesday), and Elder Blackburn, my dear friend

Blackburn, Klain, Me, and Bob Torres, my other dear friend

My 3rd grandma, Betty.

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