Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Alright, the title of this email goes out to a missionary in our zone who thinks meetings are too boring. While driving home from a zone meeting, he told us how boring it was and that he didn't feel the Spirit at all. Elder Empey and I felt this meeting went well, so we asked him how we could make it more engaging. He said(and I quote),"You just have to do something crazy. Do something no one has ever done before. Seriously, just do something CRAZY! Like when I give a training, I do something to get everyone pumped up. Sometimes I do hangman. Other times I hide pieces of paper with words on them under everyone's seat. I just go crazy." HAHAHAHAHA Elder Empey and I have been saying CRAZZYYYY all week. We'll just be sitting there in the truck and be like,"Empey, let's do something CRAZY!" and he'll reply, "YEAH! Like a word search!" So funny! Fast forward a little bit, we have another meeting and I'm giving the training. I pondered for quite some time of how I could engage everyone, but then it hit me. Christ's doctrine is pure and simple. We teach it over and over and over again. Why? Because we still mess up and can't do it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. I get up to the front and the first thing I say is, "If you want to learn something today, do it. The Spirit will teach us all something different but we have to be willing to learn. I'm not hear to force something new down your throat, but here to teach the simple doctrine." The meeting went well and on the drive home I asked this missionary how he thought the meeting went. In an almost inaudible reply, he said, "good..." #WIN!!!

Highlights from the week, kinda like ESPN's Sports Center Top 10 plays of the week:

10. Taught a man about the Book of Mormon/faith while his girlfriend and her friend were in the back room smoking weed. He was also high(ish)!

9. Our mission set a goal for 50 baptisms next transfer. I'm going to call it "#50"

8. Met a semi-homeless man while tracting and he said he was a member from Denver. We invited him to our dinner at Steak 'n Shake. He came, then suddenly left. 

7. Set Leo with a baptismal date for March 28th (should this not be higher on the Top 10 list??)

6. Started teaching a less active girl and her southern accent fiancee. He isn't a member, but hopefully soon will be.

5. Got bashed from this dude who definitely has social anxieties and may or may not have mental disorders. He read one page from the Book of Mormon then proceeded to tell us that the path we're on leads to hell :(

4. Sang country songs at the old folks' home with a nice "twang" as Empey calls it. 

3. Met Ben. He is legit, and ready to receive the Restored Gospel! woohoo

2. Had a man who we tracted into call us and say, "Come over and listen to this CD with me." We did, then he proceeded to break down and just tell us he needs serious help and he thinks we can do it. He is 23, makes $200K+ a year, and hates life. 

1. And the Top play of the week is... Tyler Haws' game winner to lift BYU over Santa Clara! 

Plays that didn't make it into this week's edition of the Top 10 were:
-Eating free pancakes at IHOP
-receiving news about iPads arriving "late spring/early summer"
-Playing Frisbee with a couple of girls on campus
-going on exchanges with Elder Christiansen
-playing about 20 games of pool with Empey
-last week's casual Monday

And for this week's edition of the Not Top 10, we have only one entry! well two...

1. We had dinner with a former Denver North missionary who ended his mission in the Fort Collins mission. We had dinner with him and his fiancee and he told us about early on in his mission. He and his companion weren't the most obedient (and that's putting it nicely). They decided that they were going to go watch the midnight screening of a very anticipated movie called The Dark Night Rises. Guess where they were serving? Aurora, Colorado. They were dressed and ready to go. They had debated for a while of whether or not to go, but they decided they would. Who would ever find out, right? The next thing he remembers is waking up on the living room floor of their apartment. He and his companion had fallen asleep moments before they planned on leaving. They were a little mad, considering they missed their movie. They then heard the news that 12 people had been killed and 70 others injured at the very theater they had tickets to. The Lord watches over His missionaries.

2. And a close second place goes to...Elder Empey! On our way to church yesterday, the sun was in a very annoying spot. It was at the awkward point where it makes everything hard to see with the visor down. We are a pretty good distance away from the next light and I see a cop waiting at the intersection. I make the note, "hey, there is a cop" to warn Empey. He looks at the cop and keeps driving. The light goes from green to yellow but he doesn't slow down. I thought he was just trolling me because the cop was right there and he was going to hit the breaks hard at the last second. He hasn't ever done that, but there is a first time for everything. He doesn't slow down at all! I'm like YO EMPEY! and by then it's too late and we're going through the intersection on a dead red and a cop is literally 5 feet away from us. Apparently, the sun had blinded poor Empey to the point where he couldn't see the change of lights. I was just ready for the cop to pull out and pull us over. I was just getting our strategy down for how we were going to play it with the cop, BUT he never pulled out. Psalms 115:5 says it best! "They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not:" whew...

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