Saturday, March 7, 2015

"What I want in life. Peace."

This was the hardest week I've ever worked on my mission. We come home around 9:30 each night and I'm out by 10:00. It's exhausting, but oh so worth it.

We had a roller coaster of a week as well. We taught Leo Monday night and didn't have much planned for him. After the small talk, he asks what God expects of him. We taught him the 10 commandments and he is the type of guy who goes all out when he does things. He has been dating an LDS girl for 5 years now and they are thinking about marriage. . .in the temple! He is preparing himself for that and we're helping him along.

Tuesday was super hard!!! First, we got bashed by some dude whose name we can't pronounce. Okay, I'm going to explain to you what he explained to us. Picture an aggressive  Ethiopian saying this:

When Christ was here, he was da teacha! Da perfect teacha! he teach his, uh how you say it, apostleses and de go n' teach da peoples! den dey become da teacha, becuz they been taught by da perfect teacha! they go n' teach da people, n' after da teacha comes da es-spiritual. De es-espiritual cannot come before da perfect teacha! Dis is da way I learn! I learn from da teacha who learn'ed from his teacha, who go back all da way til Christ. Nothing is lost! You must learn da Bible from da perfect teacha, otherwise you put your own uh understanding n' not learn from da teacha! den comes da esspirtual! not before! Only after da perfect teacha can come da esspiritual!

Okay no joke, he talked like this for 20 minutes so we just bore out testimony and left. 

Later that same night, we went tracting with Doug, who is preparing to serve a mission and super legit. We met this guy named Tedoro, whose name comes from Spain. He believed that life was meant to be enjoyed, to be "entertained". He believed Christ died so that we can do whatever we want and go back to him someday after living our life as riotous as possible. He claimed we were here to live whatever way we want because Christ has us covered. Once again, we just bore our testimonies and left. It's just hard when you meet people whose view of the Gospel is so curved to the point where it is totally false doctrine. Does the Bible not teach that we can pray and read the Bible in order to gain personal understanding from God? Does the Bible not cry repentance and faith on Jesus Christ to receive a remission of your sins? anyways...

Our whole week wasn't terrible though! Most of it was awesome. We taught 5 girls at a Sorority house one night. That was fun. We taught a girl named Holly whose boyfriend's dad had passed away that same day. She was feeling alone because he had to fly back to Maine to be with his family but then we coincidentally showed up. We met a man whose beliefs almost lined up with ours perfectly and he didn't even know it. We fixed this girl's door who had just gotten done smoking some Colorado gold. We gave her a Book of Mormon. We had 4 non-members at Church yesterday and more that would have come had they not been out of town. Things are looking up. We met so many new people and taught a bunch of discussions. It was an awesome week. 

I know this is true and I love being real with people and letting them know that. Every night before we go inside, Elder Empey and I sit out in the truck and talk about our day. We compliment each other and build each other up. Every day we sit there, exhausted, and just feel the peace that comes because we did what was right. That, my friends, is what I want in life. Peace.


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