Saturday, June 20, 2015

Time to make it count!

Another week in the life of Elder Bill Sell! Depending on when I go
home in December, I I have about 6 months left as a full time
missionary. Time to make it count!

This week, uh let's see. We saw Leo who is getting baptized in Peublo
this Saturday under our mission president's keys so that means he will
"count" as our baptism, not like that matters but I'm just happy he is
getting baptized! :) He is thinking about popping the question to his
girl that same day so keep this low key👌🏻. He has become a great
friend of mine! I love him.

Last Monday, we went and got sushi with our recent convert (but an
absolute giant in testimony) Jacob. Right after we sat down, a young
man sat at the table adjacent to us and we struck up a conversation.
Aaron knows a family in the Peakview ward I know named the Daltons. He
was really good friends with their daughter and has actually met with
the missionaries at their home before. We asked him if he'd be down to
meet again and have dinner with all of us and he said sure! We talked
to Bro.Dalton and he is having his daughter arrange for Aaron to come
over for dinner next Monday. Hopefully this wasn't just a coincidence.

We did Habitat Build (we did cement floor boards and mulch), GRC
(mobile food truck), and Bishop's storehouse (giving food to those who
need it) this week. We also stood outside of a grocery store and
invited people to buy certain items on a list so they could donate it
after they were done shopping. Most people were gracious and generous
and we saw the beautiful side of humanity. There were a few who cussed
us out for no good reason and I was just sad for them because they
must be unhappy with life :/ It was 12 hours of service!

What else? We helped April (29 year old Doctor in our ward) move some
furniture for her roommate. She is engaged to Doug(22), who went out
on splits with us twice a week before he left for BYU. They were
dating for 2 months before he sealed the deal and popped the question!
And guess how they got hooked up? April moved into the ward and we
missionaries were the first ones to say hi to her that Sunday. We got
her number because she was interested in feeding us as well as
teaching with us. Later that week, Doug texted us asking if he could
have April's number to invite her to volleyball. I gave him her number
and now look what has happened! Coincidence? I think not! #matchmaker

We had a meeting with the stake president yesterday and had dinner
right after. We were driving down the road when we saw this car broken
down in the road. I pulled into the next street so we could hop out
and push her. Good thing we've been working out so hard lately! We got
her off the busy road and onto a side street. She got out and was
ticked because she didn't know why her car randomly clunked out. One
of the first things she said was, "someone at the bar must have done
something to it last night." I was taken back because she didn't even
look old enough to drive let alone go to bars. She said she had
friends there that served alcohol to her and that she just graduated
too. She told us she felt bad for going so much but that she doesn't
know what else to do. She said, "I tell myself after every night of
drinking that I'll never do it again but then I do it the next weekend
and hate myself." We taught her about how she can have joy in the
gospel and she was really interested. We got her number and are going
to teach her this week. Coincidence?...

Things are picking up! It's week 6 believe it or not and time is
flying. We have a new companion, Elder Benson, from Casper for the
rest of the transfer too! I'm excited for Leo's baptism! We also had
Angelle, Timrey, Rolando, and Walker come to church on Sunday, all
non-members. Started from the bottom now we (are almost) here!

GRC after shot

This is how you sonic!

Jacob's birthday

temple trip food

passing out grocery lists!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

"it's not about you!"

Another week in da life

Weeks seem like days and days seem like hours. It's so crazy. And I
heard that life only gets faster from here on out. Oh boy... I'll be
married with kids before I know it, but let's not get ahead of

A few highlights from the week:

- last Monday, Memorial Day, we texted 70 people to come play soccer
and 10 said yes. Only two showed up but luckily there were 10 or so
Hispanics there playing so we all had fun celebrating Freedom. I ran
7.0 miles in the 3 hours we were there playing.
- I was trying to figure out the best way to contact all the less
actives on our ward directory and I came up with the idea to use text
messaging. I knew that if we identified ourselves in the first message
sent that we wouldn't get a reply, so I simply sent "hey how've you
been?" That got a reply out of most of the people we contacted, mostly
asking,"who is this?" We identified ourselves as the missionaries and
we had some interesting responses. Mostly bad responses.
- Angelle, who has been coming to church for six weeks now came up to
us after church and said she wanted to be baptized. The only problem
is the man she wants to baptize her isn't worthy right now and he
said, "it would break my heart" if she were to get baptized without
him doing it. We invited her to pray about when she should be baptized
and that dude needs to stop being so prideful "it's not about you!"
- we played some more soccer on Saturday with our ward mission leader.
What started out as a few friends kicking a ball around turn into an
international at World Cup game with like four different ethnicities.
We had refugees from Somalia, Mexico, American, and the kid from

My highlights are really lame this week hopefully better next week ;)