Monday, August 24, 2015

A great week!

A great week!

We got transfer news and I'm going to Laramie Pilot Peak YSA to continue being a ZL while elder Board is getting one of my best friends Elder Blackburn to keep beasting it here in the YSA. Elder Blackburn is a beast too, trained by one of my other best friends Elder Empey. Lots of great elders in this mish. Since I'm a ZL I get to do exchanges with the DLs and it just so happens that the DL up by Rawlins covers both Hanna and Saratoga. That means I get to go back to my two outcasted areas! Blessings on blessings on blessings! My focus, however, is now on the young single adults of Laramie. I want to continue the grind until I'm exhausted on my bed at home. My mission doesn't even end on the airplane as long as I'm not the only passenger on the flight. Even if I was, I'd go talk to the pilot. This is the true test of a missionary. I've seen SO MANY good elders drop off the last few months. Why? That's like winning the mile race for the first three laps then walking when it matters most. Keep pushing. Board and I work out a lot and the last few reps of any exercise are when you either push or quit. It's easy to do it when your body and mind aren't telling you "STOP IT!" This is when boys become men, or stay boys. I want to become a man and I am saying this semi-publicly so others can hold me accountable. But at the end of the day, God is who I serve and I know I'll answer to Him. I try to nightly so I don't end up freaking out when judgement day comes and I didn't do what He asks. This time is precious and I know I'll miss it when I leave. Time to GO!

We had a baptism last night and I'm not including her name because her parents didn't know about it. It was one of the most spiritual times of my life. The peace, the comfort, the joy was palpable (big word lol). It was simply amazing. One of those moments when you're like "that's why I'm on a mission." I know this Gospel is true. I know this is Christ's church. I know Jesus Christ lives because I've felt His spirit witness to me that he is my savior as well as everyone else's. I feel peace. I feel loved. It's awesome!

-Elder Sell

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