Monday, August 24, 2015

"I felt so much peace"

Good morning from Laramie, WY!

We went to FHE Monday night and played a game called four on the
couch, which is where a group of people sitting in a circle are
divided into two teams with the goal to have the four seats on the
couch all be the same team. Everyone writes their name on a piece of
paper and throws it in a hat and then you grab a name and that's what
you go by for the rest of the round. The problem for me was I didn't
know anyone's name to begin with so it was difficult. There was this
time where I needed to know a specific name in order for my team to
win and I basically prayed about it and just said what came to my head
and bam it was right #inspired. That story was so pointless haha.

Tuesday night we went to Kyle(less active)'s house so I could help him
with the math prep part for his GRE. It was so fun to do math again.
That probably sounds really weird but it was awesome.

We had a zone conference in Fort Collins on Wednesday where we had
Tiwi's installed into our vehicles. They're basically these little
black boxes that stop you from abusing the vehicles so it's a good
thing. I haven't had any violations yet so that's good. The conference
was decent and it was good to see my buddies.

We had some really good lessons this week with some of the people we
are working with. It's always a good feeling to walk out of a lesson
with the Holy Ghost letting you know what you did was of God.

On Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to go back to Greeley to
baptize Walker, one of the guys I'd worked with since March. There
weren't many people there but the Spirit was present which is what
matters most. It was really powerful as I said those sacred words of
the baptismal ordinance. After he came out of the water we paused and
I felt so much peace. It's humbling to do that for someone else. The
Priesthood is real and I felt the power as I baptized Walker.

This email was pretty generic so if you want to know anything else you
could actually respond haha. All anyone wants to see is pictures
anyways, so here they are. I would include a picture of my new haircut
but it's not very good. I asked the elder to trim fingers length off
the top and he trimmed the top to a finger's length, and when I say
length I actually mean width. The difference between a good haircut
and a bad haircut is only two weeks anyways!


My good friends -Elder Blue, myself, Elder Sharp

Windy day in Wyoming!

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