Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's all in the Lord's timing!

Where do the weeks go? I hit my 18 month mark this week but I still
feel new as a missionary. I've been doing it forever and it feels like
this is all I know but at the same time I feel new. It's an odd
feeling and I'll probably get the hang of it right before I go home (5
months from now). My favorite song these days are Christmas songs.
Empey and I were bumping Christmas music back in February because
"I'll be home for Christmas!" I sound really trunky, but I'd prefer to
call it joyful anticipation for my future as well as still working
hard/enjoying being a missionary.

It was a slower week in the YSA. The good thing is that our people
ready for baptism are indeed getting baptized soon! We have dates for
them and everything. People pop up out of no where due to no skill of
my own. It's all in the Lord's timing!

What else is there to write? I finished my second journal, all 400
pages of it. It's been so sweet to record every single day for the
past 18 months. I'm trying to actually write things that matter now so
someday if my kids read it they will learn something from it, other
than what I ate or what dumb things I did. I'd encourage whoever reads
this to make a journal of some sort. There is an app for that!

Our zone baptized 4 people this past Saturday. We were able to go to
three baptisms and it was sweet! Glad to see the work hastening.

The scriptures are awesome and so are the words of living prophets
and apostles. It's been such a blessing to study every single day.

This email was pretty lame but that's alright! Maybe if people
actually wrote me they'd be cooler.

-Elder Sell

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