Monday, August 24, 2015

"You never know how much good you do"

We had our mission tour this week so all of the Wyoming and Nebraska
missionaries met in Cheyenne with Elder Jorge Zeballos of the First
Quorum of the Seventy. It was awesome to hear him and his wife speak.
He told some great stories, one of which I'll share as well.

In his first area in Chile they were teaching a lady and she was ready
for baptism. He went on exchanges with the district leader to do the
interview and when they showed up at her door she was all like "I
can't get baptized!" When they asked why, she told them that she
worked for a catholic school and that they threatened to kick her
little sister out of school as well as fire her if she got baptized.
She didn't mind getting fired but she didn't want to destroy her
little sister's hopes of an education. She told them she would get
baptized later. Elder Zeballos asked this lady if they could kneel
down and ask God when she should be baptized. She told him that since
he suggested it that he pray. The thought went through his head, "if I
pray, how is she supposed to receive an answer?" He told her what she
was feeling and she offered a 30 minute prayer. At the end of the
prayer, they were all crying and she said, "the Lord wants me to get
baptized now!" Two days later, she was baptized.

Years later, Elder Zeballos( at this time President Zeballos) was at a
meeting where he heard his former name "Elder Zeballos!" He looked and
saw a sister missionary. She told him that she was the younger sister
of the lady he baptized so long ago. While her sister offered that
humble prayer, she was hiding behind the curtains! She felt the Spirit
and knew that what the missionaries taught was true. She was baptized
and now was a missionary years later.

The reason I share his story is because you never know how much good
you do. Sometimes we get to see the results of our labors but other
times we don't. Other than this, it was a solid week. Here are some


-classic pre church bathroom picture

Elder Ramirez is finally going home

I didn't burn anything at my 18 month mark so I did at Farnes'
year mark

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