Friday, September 18, 2015

Training a new missionary!

Ayo errrrrrrbody!

Elder Sell here, but not for long. I'm getting transferred from the
land of milk and honey to the mystical land of Riverton, Wyoming. I
will be training a new missionary for the third time so hopefully this
time I can actually feel successful as a trainer. I will pick him up
Wednesday and then we will drive five hours to our area. Should be

This week we set three people with baptismal dates! We had a sweet
lesson with BJ and this is how it went. We said the opening prayer and
the first thing she says is, "I had an amazing week and I want to set
a baptismal date now." Score! She is getting baptized on October 10th.
Reilly is set for the 27th of September and she is awesome. Daniel is
testing his faith with being baptized on the 26th. Started from the
bottom now we are here! This area is doing great now.

We ran a YSA 5k Saturday morning and it reminded me of why I hated it
the first time I ran one as well! Surprisingly enough, we ran a 22:15
despite not training at all. I'm still feeling it though!

I went out to Saratoga to do an exchange and we taught a few good
lessons. The next morning we hit the gym and we were benching and I
tried 205 and put it up! I'm pretty happy because that's the most I've
ever done haha. Getting swole!!! My new missionary better be ready to
get swole.

Life is great and enjoyable. I've been blessed with people in my life
who have helped me progress. Seems like God usually answers my prayers
through someone else. I've also felt like I've been on the other end
of the spectrum where I've helped answer someone else's prayer. It's a
humbling experience. It makes you feel good. Until next week!
-Elder Sell

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