Monday, September 28, 2015

Transferred to Riverton

Transfers came and went and so did I. I went from Laramie, where the grass was green and the girls were pretty, to Riverton, where? In the middle of no where. It's nice so far though.

So I kind of forget most of what we did this week but luckily I have pictures that are worth a thousand words so here you go!
Daniel is a very interesting person and a very good one. We taught him all transfer and right now he is set for baptism next Saturday. He read the Book of Mormon cover to cover already and this is me giving him a fresh one so he can do it again!

BJ is on the left and Josh on the right. She is getting baptized on October 10th.

 Me, Bingham, and Farnes. Fresh

 An originial 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon valued at over $100,000! The lady said, "This is our most valuable book" and I replied, "Mine too."

The crew with the BoM!

 My new companion, Elder Callahan. Yes, he is 18.

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