Monday, September 28, 2015

"Your Church felt different"

'Another week down!

On Monday night we had this sweet lesson with a Native American guy
named Austin. He came to church yesterday as well as two weeks ago and
he said, "When I go to churches I pay attention to how I feel. Your
Church felt different. I felt a fullness." It was a really cool lesson
and he has already grown a ton in his faith. His life used to be
different but he started reading the Bible a few years back and
everything changed. Now he is searching for more truth and believes he
has found it in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He
still has some challenges to overcome but he agreed to be baptized on
October 17th.

We had zone meeting in Casper on Wednesday which meant 4 hours round
trip of driving. Luckily, the Coopers loaded us up in their 12
passenger van and brought us to our meeting. I played the piano for
the meeting and I chuckle a little bit because everyone must think I
took lessons or have been playing for a while, but that's not true!
I've learned since I've been on my mission and God has helped me out a
ton. If I keep getting better I may get the opportunity to play in
church someday.

We went out to the country folk on Thursday and had a good time.
People here are ridiculously nice. It's sweet.

Friday morning we went to Windor Colorado for our trainers meeting.
Round trip was 10 hours, five down and five back. All for a two hour
meeting. It was decent, but not worth ten hours of driving. Oh well!
The best part of the deal was I got to ride down with my bros Elder
Empey and Elder Klain. We stopped and ate dinner with Jacob and Lander
at Nordy's BBQ. Jacob is the man Empey and I baptized while we were
together in Greeley. It was great seeing him again.

Yesterday we had FHE with a family where the grandparents used to be
active but no longer are and their three grandchildren who want to be
involved in church. The children's parents are divorced and have never
been supportive of their kids doing church stuff but they are letting
them do FHE with us and the Coopers. We talked about the Plan of
Salvation and seeing the kids pray and want to learn more touches my
heart. It's like I just floated out of that home because the feelings
we had while we were there.

I can't believe it is almost October. Then comes November and my
birthday. Then comes Christmas and my departure from my mission. It
takes daily effort to stay focused and I've been relying on the
enabling power of the Atonement to help me through each day. I can't
do this by myself because it is hard. I look at my companion(brand
new) and I wonder how the heck did I ever make it 20 months as a
missionary. It's only in and through Jesus Christ that I can do

-Elder Sell

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