Saturday, October 24, 2015

Crazy and frustrating

Hey what's up?

This week was crazy and frustrating and rewarding at times. Here's
what happened.

Tuesday I was on exchanges with my ZL, Elder Schenk, and we went to
the nursing home to visit a member. The lady we planned on visiting
wasn't there but this nurse lady working there introduced us to two
ladies who both had dementia. We visited them both individually and it
was sad to see how their brain doesn't work right anymore. Both made
suggestive references to us and it was really funny/creepy! After we
said a prayer with the second lady we shook her hand and she wouldn't
let go. So, we escorted her back to the main area and she loved every
second of it. I got hit on by an 80 year old woman, and the night
before, this 3 year old wouldn't stop bothering me at dinner.
Basically, watching me get harassed by this little girl was everyone's
entertainment. Her mom and this less active we are working with
laughed until they cried because it was so funny to watch.

We were working with two less actives who both had mental illnesses.
The one tried to commit suicide so he got sent to a mental hospital
and the other pulled a gun on his neighbor because he is paranoid. He
is locked up in jail now! We were going to visit him  Tuesday night
but he called and said, "who is sending you over here? Who put you up
to it? The Bishop? Don't lie to me. I have you guys on hidden camera
driving by my house. Are you stalking me?" to say we were
done visiting him at that point. And then he goes full crazy stupid!

Our investigator who was scheduled to get baptized this upcoming
Saturday isn't anymore. First of all, we show up to our appointment
Friday and he is smoking a cigarette. We didn't know he had a word of
wisdom problem. He hadn't told his "wife" either, and we didn't know
that. We knew we were going to have to postpone the baptism at that
point but we still had the goal of this upcoming week. We had a member
with us at the lesson that night. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, we
get a 6 page text message from this member that went to the lesson
with us saying how impatient and pushy we are. I replied, "amen."
Apparently he went and talked to the investigator and he isn't married
to his "wife" and he thought he had to leave her to join the church
and blah blah blah big misunderstanding.

We went to Pavillion Branch for the first time this Sunday. The Branch
warmly welcomed us and I felt at home there. They had a potluck after
church and people introduced themselves and offered to help. Our
morning meeting was productive and we have lots of people to teach.
Our branch mission leader is willing to do what it takes. Basically
what this all means is we will spend less time in the place where they
don't want us and more place where we feel welcomed! The branch
presidency counselor called us into his office and asked us to speak
in sacrament meeting on the sacrament this upcoming week. We blessed
the sacrament earlier in the morning and he said that while I was
saying the prayer he felt I needed to speak to the branch the next
Sunday. He said he felt like I had a strong understanding of it. That
was sure humbling to hear.

Time for some shout outs!! Shout out to Jacob for baptizing someone
down in Greeley this weekend! Beast mode. Shout out to Elder Farnes
for baptizing BJ this weekend. She is someone we worked with a ton
last transfer. Shout out to Elder Torres for being loyal. Shout out to
Blue, Sharp, and Empey too. No shout out to Elder Blackburn cuz he


Elder Callahan is all tucker'ed out haha

Jacob getting work done in Greeley

Farnes and BJ and friends

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