Saturday, October 24, 2015

That's just who I am!

On Monday night we went to this less active lady's house but she is
only LA because she has to work on Sunday. She was upset because it
was the one year anniversary of her mother's passing. She talked for a
long time and she asked for a blessing at the end and in the blessing
I told her that her ancestors are supporting her. Afterwards she told
us how significant that was because of her native heritage as well as
her adoptive parents. It was cool to be able to comfort someone in a
time of need.

We did some good service this week, especially Saturday night. We went
to this big banquet and auction for a hospice center in town. When we
first got there, the head lady said someone we didn't think was right.
We were wearing our tags and she wanted us to take them off and I'm like
NOOOO! That's just who I am so you either have all of me with my tag
or I can leave because I won't deny my calling. She got over it. We
helped plate the food in the kitchen. We were pretty skilled at it
all! They had us running all over the place doing stuff to satisfy the
crowd of 400.

We spoke in church yesterday on the sacrament. It was great studying
all week as well as preparing to partake of the sacrament. It made my
week much more enjoyable. That's about all folks!

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